June 17th 2022, <skull005>

Bobby Dazzler - Seeing Blue

Marking a big shift in tone from our previous release, This album presents just under an hour of slowly unfurling slowcore, coated in tape hiss and a thin layer of melancholy as each song induces you more and more into the album's hazy mood.

April 29th 2022, <skull004>


uhhhhh OKAY so like. take your brain and just smack it around with a baseball bat and start shoving weed brownies into it and then start jumping on it and then you'll get this album . big ol mix of breakcore and sound collage and power noise and this is probably the most chaotic thing i've heard so many samples and glitches overlap each other in a sugar rush type way and it gives off very distinct ytp energy without even using explicit ytp sampling techniques, i don't even think using my normal formal description writeup speak does this justice GO FUCKING LISTEN TO IT

April 15th 2022, <skull003>

clutrrglych - the one who watches from my mirror morphs into what i know as some sort of squid like creature

SYNG is extremely pleased to bring you the third album from clutrrglych. This 70 minute monster of an album whirls up many different genres and influences, such as power noise, flashcore, deconstructed club, glitch, dark ambient, footwork and speedcore, and twists it all up into a dark, disorienting mixture, with plenty of reoccuring sounds and textures to tie the experience together. While the album starts off slow and abstract, it progressively gutpunches you and teases you with moments of calm before nosediving into the next segment of harsh glitchiness.

April 1st 2022, <skull002>

coldblox - <!-- Q1'22 biTjamZ -->

coldblox's debut on SEE YOU NEXT GAME marks the start of the label, releasing as a surprise drop alongside limes by haiipara! This 20 minute EP delves into glitchier, idmmy territory when compared to his work under ChillBitz, with songs glitching into each other and more metallic, cold drums floating to the forefront, however coldblox's sense of melody and wonder doesn't go away. Nostalgic, pretty synthlines permeate this record, serving to provide extra atmosphere to the release.

April 1st 2022, <skull001>

haiipara - limes

The debut release for SEE YOU NEXT GAME sees plunderphonics and breakbeat extroadinaire haiipara stretch their legs and delve into abstract, glitchy, sound collagey territory. This 20 minute continuous mix beast of an EP plunges you headfirst into manic, glitchy dance influenced collages smashed together with an early 2000s limewire influence and a playful sense of unpredictability that keeps you engaged throughout.